Chapter Resources

Membership in ISM and ISM-Pittsburgh provides numerous and diverse professional development benefits to all supply management professionals. The Chapter provides customized training opportunities to individuals and companies. In addition to group certification training, customized on-site training is offered to companies in the areas of Negotiations, Strategic Sourcing, ESG, Risk, Category Management and many others. 

For individuals who would like to engage in a mentor/mentee relationship, ISM-Pittsburgh offers an informalized program to meet the needs of each participant. This program is offered to emerging professionals and students, as well.  

The Scholarship Program is a significant benefit to members who are in good standing for at least three years.  This scholarship is used to provide aid to a son or daughter of a member pursuing an advanced degree.

ISM-Pittsburgh engages with local universities to connect students with professionals who work in the region.

These are just a few of the resources available to members.  Please contact Lisa Romango; Executive Director, at to learn more about the resources and tools available to members.